August 21 (Wednesday) at 7:30 pm

Class length
1 hour
This class invites deep stillness and connection with the unshakeable still part of yourself that experiences peace regardless of external change.
Enjoy long held supported restorative postures, beneficial breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation/ mindfulness and I Rest yoga nidra/ deep relaxation.
Learn tools to take with you far beyond the yoga mat.  
Soothing and quietening, deeply powerful. 
This practice helps to calm the central nervous system (leaving a long lasting residue), stimulating your own internal healing processes and may also help to relieve the effects of stress. 
Amazing at any time, but especially if you feel stressed or exhausted or if you are recovering from illness, injury or major life changes. 
Ohhh yes, this practice is absolutely essential for our radically changing unknown current climate!

Please note: You are booking for an ONLINE class.

Please take some time setting your space ready for a deeply nourishing practice~ light a candle, play some gentle music if you like that (we have spotify playlists to share with you), turn off your phone, select your favourite oils if you like to do that. Perhaps you are enjoying the opportunity to practice outside? Set your sacred space deliberately. 
Gather your props~ anything that may support your practice.
Some helpful props for this practice:
*A note on props: You get to be creative! What can you find in your home that assists your practice?
~ Yoga mat (or grippy surface)
~ Bolster (or a make-shift bolster; roll blankets, towels or a big firm sleeping bag? A swag? Some firm pillows?)
~ 2x blocks (or books or tupperware containers?)
~ A strap (or belt or bathrobe tie?)
~ Extra blankets for support & to be cosy (you can go for it at home! ALL the cushions, doonas, fave snuggly things you love!)
~ Eye pillow (or soft gentle weight to cover your eyes during relaxation)

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May you be deeply nourished through this healing practice and connection with a supportive community of like minded individuals xxx

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